[eStore] 2020 Sophie's Rewards


Newfie: Happy Monday everyone!! :bundance: Apr 6, 2020 11:12:59 GMT -5
Lazygal: Good morning everybody! Apr 6, 2020 7:21:52 GMT -5
Lazygal: Actually going to the store this whole week would be risky anyway too because people would be buying things for Easter. Apr 5, 2020 15:08:52 GMT -5
Lazygal: I know going to a supermarket on Sundays is pretty risky because the stores are normally so busy because when I work on Mondays they tell me that they had the longest line from the cashier all the way inside on of the aisle of the store. Yikes! Apr 5, 2020 15:06:56 GMT -5
Newfie: Ok, be safe, Doodle! Apr 5, 2020 14:14:30 GMT -5
doodle12: Off to the grocery store! TTYS! Apr 5, 2020 14:00:58 GMT -5
doodle12: Yes, this will all certainly keep me busy across the coming months! :bliss: Apr 5, 2020 13:38:38 GMT -5
Newfie: You'll be really busy catching up on it all! :banana: Apr 5, 2020 13:35:05 GMT -5
doodle12: Yes, the number of new items and everything else seems to be endless! Apr 5, 2020 13:31:34 GMT -5
Newfie: Yes, it sure has! There are so many new items, too! Hard to keep track of everything! Apr 5, 2020 13:30:52 GMT -5
doodle12: I've noticed that. I had thought that it used to be intense but now it seems to be even more so. And the focus of what everyone wants/prizes the most has really changed too Apr 5, 2020 13:26:23 GMT -5
Newfie: Cute! The trading rooms can be brutal Apr 5, 2020 13:24:16 GMT -5
doodle12: Ah, I didn't even know there was one! Just looked it up and I actually saw its PSI in the trading room yesterday but didn't know the pet it belonged to lol I've missed a lot :o Apr 5, 2020 13:19:51 GMT -5
Newfie: lol! That is so cute, Doodle!! Love the name! There is a lady ostrich too and she is equally as cute! :D Apr 5, 2020 13:16:01 GMT -5
doodle12: Yes, the Ostrich is so cute and quirky looking. I named mine Frazzle lol Apr 5, 2020 13:13:40 GMT -5
Newfie: I love the Ostrich they have out right now! Its such a cute pet! lol! Makes me smile every time I see it! Apr 5, 2020 13:12:59 GMT -5
doodle12: I will for sure, Newf :love: Apr 5, 2020 13:12:29 GMT -5
Newfie: Yes, love the Dire Wolf pups! They are sweet! Apr 5, 2020 13:12:25 GMT -5
Newfie: If you need help or anything just holler. :hugs: Apr 5, 2020 13:12:06 GMT -5
doodle12: It is for sure! Apr 5, 2020 13:12:00 GMT -5