Odd Holiday

[eStore] Odd Holiday-National Pet Day by MommaBearLas

April 11 #NationalPetDay #PetDay

- 30% OFF Pets April 6-12, 2020 (excludes pets sold for cash)

- see Webkinz Virtual Pets category for selection of pets

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Sneak Peek: April Deluxe Day!

[Webkinz World] Sneak Peek: April Deluxe Day! by MommaBearLas
Sneak Peek: April Deluxe Day!
by webkinzworld

Another Deluxe Day is arriving on Saturday, April 11th!

Once again, Deluxe Members will be able to log in and visit Today’s Activities
in order to receive a special prize: a Springy Launcher!

Also on the Today’s Activity schedule, there will be an entire day of
fun and activities for Deluxe Members to enjoy!

If you’d like to join in on the fun and prizes, have a parent visit the Ganz eStore to upgrade your account!

2020 Spring Mystery Clothing Bags Are Here!

[eStore] 2020 Spring Mystery Clothing Bags by MommaBearLas
2020 Spring Mystery Clothing Bags Are Here!

Drag and drop your 2020 Spring Clothing Mystery Bag from your Dock into your Pet’s room.
Watch as it magically awards mystery clothing items to your dock! Each Spring Clothing Mystery Bag
awards two random clothing pieces, up to a $6 Value, including one brand-new
Exclusive, Super Exclusive or RARE tradeable/sellable clothing piece per bag!

Here's some tradeable clothing pieces you may find in the 2020 SPRING Mystery Clothing Bag:

April Sale

SNEAK PEEK: Lil Spring Goslings!!

[eStore]SNEAK PEEK: Lil Spring Goslings!! by MommaBearLas
SNEAK PEEK: Lil Spring Goslings!!

Spring will always be in swing when you add the Lil Spring Goslings into your Webkinz family of pets!
These happy little hatchlings are ready to explore the big beautiful world around them, so help get
them started on their journey from atop their Spring Egg Bridge! Their worldly wanderings will also work
up quite an appetite, so they'll need much more than a few crumbs from their Braided Bread at snack time!

Did you guess Goslings?? How precious are these sweet new Webkinz waddlers?

Sneak Peek: Fan-Designed Cactus Cat!

[eStore]Sneak Peek: Fan-Designed Cactus Cat! by MommaBearLas
Sneak Peek: Fan-Designed Cactus Cat!
by webkinzworld

We are so excited to reveal the latest fan-designed pet that will soon be joining Webkinz World!
The virtual Cactus Cat, the winner of our 2020 Pet Design contest, will be available at Ganz eStore
starting on Webkinz Day, April 29, 2020! This sweet pet was designed by 20littlered03.
Check out their original drawing and the Webkinz artists’ interpretation below.

Cactus Cat by 20littlered03

Of course, each Webkinz pet comes with its own Pet Specific Item and Food.
The Cactus Cat just loves to munch on its Prickly Pretzels while perched on its Blooming Desert Garden!

Remember, this virtual pet will be available at Ganz eStore starting on Webkinz Day, April 29, 2020!

The St. Bernard Puppy’s Search

[Webkinz World]The St.Bernard Puppy’s Search by MommaBearLas
The St. Bernard Puppy’s Search For The Perfect Egg Recipe!
by webkinzworld

The St. Bernard puppy is brand new to Webkinz World! And to celebrate its arrival,
it decided to make its mark by developing a delicious new recipe for a Spring Celebration egg!
The St. Bernard puppy is using its special Rainbow Frosting to decorate its test recipe.
The egg looks great, but how does it taste? The puppy is going to have to find
some taste testers to try the recipe! Stay tuned!

Arte Tries The St. Bernard Puppy’s New Recipe!
by webkinzworld

The St. Bernard Puppy was so excited to share its new recipe for the perfect Spring Celebration Egg.
It rushed straight over to the Curio Shop to share it with Arte and find out if the egg tasted
as a good as it looked. Unfortunately Arte took one bite and announced that the egg tasted … “TERRIBLE!

Oh dear. Looks like it’s back to the drawing board for the St. Bernard puppy.

The St. Bernard Puppy Tries Again!
by webkinzworld

The St. Bernard puppy might have failed in its first attempt at creating the perfect Spring Egg recipe,
but it wasn’t ready to give up. This sweet pup kept working away at the recipe, decorating the egg
beautifully with its special Rainbow Frosting. The puppy carried the beautiful egg ever so carefully
over to the Adoption Center to let Ms. Birdy be the next guinea pig to try the new recipe. And what did
Ms. Birdy think? Well, let’s just say that Ms. Birdy wasn’t quite as blunt as Arte, but she did suggest
to the puppy that perhaps the egg recipe “wasn’t quite there yet.” Oh well. The puppy appreciated
that Ms. Birdy tried to break it gently, but headed back to keep working on the recipe.

Celebration ?? Box

[eStore] Celebration ?? Box by MommaBearLas

You may randomly find any one of the below in the Celebration ?? Box!

• Celebration Wacky Dispenser
• Celebration Sofa
• Celebration Balloon Column
• Celebration Bunch of Balloons
• Celebration Side Table
• Celebration Window

ALL items that can be found within the eStore Celebration ?? Box are Tradeable/Sellable in Webkinz World!

Points Promos

Free Diamond Gemster

April Deluxe Wednesdays

SNEAK PEEK: St. Bernard Puppy!!

[eStore]SNEAK PEEK: St. Bernard Puppy!!AVAILABLE by MommaBearLas
SNEAK PEEK: St. Bernard Puppy!!

When you adopt the St. Bernard Puppy into your family of Webkinz pets, you'll have a friend who always
feels forever young! They may be small, but this adorable dog has big dreams, so it's only fitting that
they get to revisit them each night by climbing onto their sensational Celebration Canopy Bed! When
they awake feeling hungry, feed them something creative and colorful, like some radiant Rainbow Waffles!

Will you open your home to this precious Webkinz puppy?!?!

GET 10% OFF the ST. BERNARD PUPPY April 1-2, 2020
Use promocode LOVENEWPETS at checkout!

Members Get It First! This Pet is available to Deluxe Members only for the first week of April 2020!

April eStore

Sneak Peek: Spring Celebration!

[Webkinz World]Sneak Peek: Spring Celebration! by MommaBearLas
Sneak Peek: Spring Celebration!
by webkinzworld

From April 3 – 12, celebrate spring by feeding your pets Chocolate Eggs you find in Webkinz World!
Every time you feed your pet a Chocolate Egg, you’ll win a prize!

There are several ways to find eggs during Spring Celebration:

Get 1 Chocolate Egg daily. It will automatically be awarded to your Dock as soon as you log in

Look for the floating Chocolate Egg and click on it to have it added to your account
(limited to 4 eggs a day, 5 for full players and 6 for Deluxe Members)

Spin the Wheel of Yum daily at Today’s Activities for the chance to get up to 3 more
Chocolate Eggs a day (web only – not available on the mobile app.)

Find the floating Chocolate Egg on Webkinz Newz and click on it 
to send back to your Webkinz account (limited to 1 per day)

You are going to love this year’s prizes! There are 14 to collect including a Frog Prince Plushy
and a basket full of eggs that your pet can wear around their shoulders. Here’s a look at what you can win:

Starting on April 8, White Chocolate Eggs will be available to buy with eStore points from the W-Shop.
ill be added to your Dock. Every time you feed one to your pets, you’ll get a special prize like a
Bird Nest Music Box, Frog Prince Fountain or Chocolate Tulip Bulbs that you can plant in your pet’s room.

Here’s a look at each of this year’s White Chocolate Egg prizes:

If you are a lucky duckling this spring, you may win one of the Grand Prizes by feeding your pet
a White Chocolate Egg. The White Chocolate and Milk Chocolate Cottages are ONLY available
through White Chocolate Eggs and they will look beautiful in your pet’s yard:

Don’t forget to log into your Webkinz account on April 12, the last day of Spring Celebration.
When you do, your 2020 Spring Celebration Gift Basket will be automatically added to your Dock.
You can drag the basket into your pet’s room to open it! Wonder what’s inside? You’ll just have to wait and see…

Have you ever won the Grand Prize by feeding your pet a White Chocolate Egg?
What Milk Chocolate prize are you looking forward to winning the most?
Let us know in the comment section below…

Sneak Peek: April Peek-A-Newz Prizes

[Webkinz Newz]Sneak Peek: April Peek-A-Newz Prizes by MommaBearLas
Sneak Peek: April Peek-A-Newz Prizes
by webkinzworld

The Ostrich pet will be “peeking” around Webkinz Newz this April, and they’ve got a bunch of prizes you might win!
From April 1 until April 30, head over to the “Events” page and start the Peek-A-Newz activity. Find the Ostrich
5 times around Webkinz Newz and you will win a 2020 WKN April Gift Box
. Open it to receive a random prize from the April Prize Pool.

Carrot Fridge
Carrot Spring Chair
Diamond Belt (NEW)
Diamond Mosaic Tile
Duck Billed Hat
Friends of the Earth Trophy
Go Green Hat
Scramble T-Shirt
Scrambled Egg Chair
Soft Gray Couch (NEW)
Sounds of Spring Stereo
Springtime Cardigan
Springtime Laced Heels
Springtime Leather Skirt
Taurus Symbol Wall Decoration
Webkinz Day Party Hat

Webkinz Event Calendar – April 2020

[Webkinz World]Webkinz Event Calendar – April 2020 by MommaBearLas
Webkinz Event Calendar – April 2020
by webkinzworld

There is a lot to look forward to in April! Check out the calendar below to see what we have planned for the month:

Which event are you looking forward to the most? Let us know in the comment section below…

Wheel Prizes UPDATED!

[Webkinz World] Wheel Prizes UPDATED! by MommaBearLas
Wheel Prizes UPDATED!
by webkinzworld

We updated what you can win on our prize wheels! Scroll down this post to see what you can win on the
Wheel of WOW, Wheel of Deluxe, Vacation Island Wheel and the Webkinz mobile app:

Available on the Wheel of WOW (web) from March 11 – April 7:

Available on the Wheel of WOW (mobile) from March 11 – April 7:

Available on the Wheel of Deluxe from March 11 – April 7:

Available on the Vacation Island Wheel from March 11 – April 7:

What would you like to win the most? Let us know by leaving a comment below…

Update #306: What’s New!

[Webkinz World]Update #306: What’s New! by MommaBearLas
Update #306: What’s New!
by Sophie Stockwell

Hi everyone! I’m thrilled to tell you about all of the new things we have happening in Kinzville over the next few weeks!
Let’s take a look!

My next upcoming Player Appreciation Day is on Monday, March 16th! Log in to your Webkinz account
on either web, mobile, or the desktop app to receive a Clover Mosaic Tile!

We’ve updated the prizes for two of our daily activities! For Deluxe Members, we’ve added new prizes to the
Deluxe Prize Machine. For Full and Deluxe Members, we’ve finally updated the capsule prizes inside the Prize Klaw!

Our Leprechaun Clubhouse Event returns From Wednesday, March 11th until St. Patrick’s Day on Tuesday, March 17th!
Collect colorful Jelly Coins from the Leprechaun in the Clubhouse during that time and once you have all 6 colors,
you’ll unlock this year’s grand prize: a Magic Painting! When you add it to your pet’s room, click on it to see why it’s MAGIC!

St. Patrick’s Day arrives on Tuesday, March 17th! Log in to your Webkinz account on web,
mobile, or the desktop app to receive this year’s lucky prize: a Shamrock Throne!

My next Meet the Mayor event runs from Wednesday, March 18th until Sunday, March 22nd!
Come visit me in the Kinzville Park where I’ll be handing out a daily gift which includes some brand NEW prizes!
Hope to see you all there!

Saturday, March 21st is our next Deluxe Day! If you’re a Deluxe Member, you’ll be able to play
lots of bonus events on the Today’s Activities schedule! And while you’re there, don’t forget to pick up your
special prize: a Water Cooler which dispenses a daily Water Cooler Cup!

There’s a NEW Dex Dangerous Arcade Challenge running from Monday, March 23rd until Sunday, March 29th!
Complete all of the tasks before time runs out and you’ll collect some out-of-this-world prizes, including a
Movie Star Candy Bar, which your pet can enjoy while having a blast in their Space Fighter Ride!

There’s also a NEW Lunch Letters Trophy Challenge running from Monday, March 30th until Sunday, April 5th!
Complete all of the tasks before time runs out and you’ll collect some delicious prizes,
including a Cafeteria Tray and a NEW Lunch Letters Trophy!

Our 2020 Chocolate Egg event returns from Friday, April 3rd until Sunday, April 12th!
Search for Chocolate Eggs around Webkinz World and Webkinz Newz. When you feed them to your pet,
you’ll receive a sensational spring celebration prize!

For even more prizes, look for our 2020 White Chocolate Egg Carton in the WShop and the Ganz eStore!
Drag the carton into your pet’s room to get the White Chocolate Eggs inside, then feed each one to your pet
to get a random prize that goes together with the 2020 Milk Chocolate Egg prizes! You might even win one of this
year’s GRAND prizes: a 2020 White Chocolate Cottage or a 2020 Milk Chocolate Cottage!

If you’re a Deluxe Member, you know that you get a special bonus box each month.
Inside is a box of random Pet Medallions, a box that lets you choose any item from the Tween theme,
and a special piece of clothing that you can’t get anywhere else! The Deluxe clothing item
for the month of March is a pair of Spring Shower Glasses!

A new monthly challenge arrives for Deluxe Members on April 1st! Complete all of the tasks
and you’ll get an Adventure Scouts Top and hat for your pet to wear when they’re meeting
up at their NEW Adventure Scouts Treehouse!

Also throughout the month of April, we’ll be running a Kiwi Bird floating medallion event!
Watch for the floating medallion to appear across your screen and then click on it to collect it!
If you haven’t yet collected enough medallions to unlock this pet, now’s your chance!

We’ve once again updated the prizes on several of our daily wheels!
See what you can win on the Wheel of Wow, the mobile Wheel of Wow,
the Wheel of Deluxe, and the Vacation Wheel!

I hope everyone found this helpful. Stay tuned to Webkinz Newz for all the
latest updates about how we’re making Webkinz World the best it can be!

Mayor Sophie Stockwell

2020 Sophie's Rewards

[eStore] 2020 Sophie's Rewards by MommaBearLas
NEW Sophie's Rewards

What are the prize tiers?

Tier 1 - spend $100** and receive the following as your reward:
- 1x Any Pet Medallion Package*

Tier 2 - spend $250** and receive the following as your rewards:
- 2x Any Pet Medallion Package*
- 2,000 Points Bonus Award
- 1x Gold Star Outfit (includes Tiara, Dress and Sandals)

Tier 3 - spend $750** and receive the following as your rewards:
- 5x Any Pet Medallion Package*
- 5,000 Points Bonus Award
- 1x 1 Month Deluxe Membership code
- 1x Gold Star Float

Tier 4 - spend $2,000** and receive the following as your rewards:
- 10x Any Pet Medallion Package*
- 10,000 Points Bonus Award
- 1x 3 Month Deluxe Membership code
- 1x Signature Horse

- Congratulations you’ve received all rewards for the year!
The next yearly program begins January 1, 2021 and will run until midnight December 31, 2021.
*ONE Any Pet Medallion Package contains 10x Any Pet Medallions
**Calculated before taxes. Purchasers must be over the age of 18 years old and have a valid credit card to purchase.

SNEAK PEEK: Tulip Pony!!

[eStore] SNEAK PEEK: Tulip Pony!! by MommaBearLas
💐SNEAK PEEK: Tulip Pony!!💐

The precious little Tulip Pony is sure to blossom into a great pet that you'll love forever!
This fantastic floral foal likes to see the sights, so have them travel around in style with their
very own Tulip Carriage! When they are feeling a little hungry, make sure you feed them their
favorite floral food: some Fresh Flower Dumplings!

We 💗💗 this Webkinz pony from head to hoof!

SNEAK PEEK: Grey Vole!!

[eStore] SNEAK PEEK: Grey Vole!! by MommaBearLas
SNEAK PEEK: Grey Vole!!

The cute and fuzzy Grey Vole is no thief, but they might just steal your heart!
This precious little pet enjoys playing outdoors, especially when they see their Getaway Slide out in the yard!
Spending the day sliding away work up quite an appetite, so make sure you feed them a Crunchy Shoots Spring Roll as a snack!

Do you "DIG" this pet as much as we do? Give this new Webkinz a LIKE 😄

SNEAK PEEK: Porcupette!

[eStore]SNEAK PEEK: Porcupette! by MommaBearLas
SNEAK PEEK: Porcupette!
The best thing about adopting a precious Porcupette is that they always get to the point!
Sometimes being so direct doesn't earn them any favors, which is when they might just prefer to spend
some time tucked away inside their Hidden Log Den! If they're looking for a snack, try to forage up some
Maple Bark Crunch for them to munch!

There's nothing prickly about this cuddly new Webkinz baby.
What do you think about this adorable new pet?

FREE Berries During Berry Fest

[eStore]NEW Deals Of The Week by MommaBearLas
Deal Of The Day becomes Deals Of The Week!

Do you love a good bargain at the eStore?
Make sure to check here every Monday to see what is on sale for the week.

You can find the Deals of the Week here

Deals of the Week for 4/6-10



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