Sophie’s Rewards Are HERE!

[eStore] Sophie’s Rewards Are HERE! by MommaBearLas
Sophie’s Rewards Are HERE!

What is it?
Sophie’s Rewards is a program that rewards you for making credit card purchases at Ganz eStore!
It’s our way to say thank you and award our customers with cool items and even a super-rare
eStore Signature pet! With four different tiers and a whole year to accumulate your spending,
we hope you enjoy the rewards!


For full details and rules, please visit the eStore.

Dawn Dragon

[eStore] SNEAK PEEK: Dawn Dragon!NOW AVAILABLE by MommaBearLas
SNEAK PEEK: Dawn Dragon!

When daylight rises in the darkness, you'll be glad to see a Dawn Dragon dwelling
in your Webkinz home! This early riser enjoys watching over everyone from inside
their cool Crystal Hollow! When they're feeling famished, feed them their
favorite food: a Flaming Smores Sundae!

Every morning will be a good Webkinz morning with the Dawn Dragon!

Free Lucky Candy House

[eStore]Free Lucky Candy House by MommaBearLas
Free Lucky Candy House
when you spend 25,000 points at the eStore.

Or purchase alone


Free Gift With 33,000 Points

[eStore] Free Gift With 33,000 Points by MommaBearLas
Purchase 33,00 points and pick your free gift.

Lucky Cupcake Dispenser
Lucky Zangoz Gumball Machine

Odd Holiday

[eStore] Odd Holiday by MommaBearLas

Stay tuned right here to see specials relating to Odd Holidays throughout the month!
Also join us on Facebook or Twitter for related social media posts.

Upcoming Odd Holidays
February 12 #NationalPlumPuddingDay
February 15 #NationalHippoDay
February 16 #WorldWhaleDay, #WhaleDay

February 17 #RandomActsOfKindnessDay - see our Facebook page for WebkinzNewz giveaways
February 19 #ChocolateMintDay

Our Very First Bake Sale Is Back!

[Webkinz World] Our Very First Bake Sale Is Back! by MommaBearLas
Our Very First Bake Sale Is Back!
by webkinzworld

The very first Bake Sale is coming back to Kinzville! From February 15 – 22, collect
Baked Goods in Webkinz World and combine them on a stove for prizes. Here’s a look
at the 5 Baked Goods you can collect:

There are several ways you can collect Baked Goods in Webkinz World from Feb. 15 – 22:

Each day of this event, you’ll be awarded a Baked Good just for logging in

Look for floating Bake Sale Gift Boxes in Webkinz World and click on them to get
a Baked Good(limited to 5 a day, 7 for Deluxe Players)

Spin the Wheel of Yum daily for the chance to win Baked Goods

Look for Baked Good giveaways at Today’s Activities

Find the daily floating Bake Sale Gift Box at

The first time you log into Webkinz World during this event, you’ll be awarded a Bake Sale Cookbook:

You can use the cookbook to find out what prizes you can make by combining Baked Goods on a stove.
Here’s a look at what you can make:

Pieces of Prize Pie will also be available at the W-Shop for eStore Points during this event.
Every time you feed your pet a piece of prize pie, you’ll win one of the 10 Bake Sale prizes OR a Kinzville Bakery,
the Grand Prize! The Kinzville Bakery is a rare prize that’s ONLY available through slices of Prize Pie:

What prize would you like to make the most? Let us know by leaving a comment in the section below…

Update #292: What’s New!

[Webkinz World] Update #292: What’s New! by MommaBearLas
Update #292: What’s New!
by Sophie Stockwell

Hi everyone! I’m thrilled to tell you about all of the new things we have happening in Kinzville
over the next few weeks! Let’s take a look!

My second Player Appreciation Day is on Sunday, February 17th!
Log in to your Webkinz account on either web or mobile to receive this month’s prize:
a Clover Rug! Your pet is going to feel so lucky to have one!

Make sure you log in tomorrow, February 14th for Valentine’s Day!
This year’s prize is a Ms. Birdy’s Valentine’s Plushy!

We’re running another Bake Sale event from February 15th to February 22nd.
Collect baked goods around Webkinz World and then combine them together on a stove to create
some cool prizes! Make sure you have your Bake Sale Cookbook Vol. 1 for all of the recipes!

Similar to our Bake Sale event, we’re running a NEW Webkinz Fashion Week event from
March 4th until March 10th! During that week, collect Fashion Week clothing prizes around
Webkinz World and then combine them together on the clothing machine in the
KinzStyle Outlet to create some fabulous fashions! Look for the Fashion Week Guide
in your Dockor in the WShop, starting on March 4th!

This appeared in the article, then was removed, guess someone posted it too early.
Want to make clothing recipes on the go? We’ve added clothing machine functionality to the Fashion Sewing Machine
in the WShop (under the Creative Studio theme)! Now your pet can create fabulous fashions right in their room!
And after our next app update in a few weeks, you’ll also be able to use the Fashion Sewing Machine on
both web and the Webkinz mobile app!

If you’re looking for an easier way to collect the Fashion Week prize clothing, pick up a
Garment Bag 5-Pack at the Ganz eStore or at the WShop! Each Garment Bag awards 1 of the
10 Fashion Week clothing prizes, with a chance you’ll win a Fashion Designer’s Desk, complete with
clothing machine functionality for making clothing recipes right in your room!

Our next trophy challenge runs from Monday, February 25th until Sunday, March 3rd,
and this time the game is Tropical Troubles! Once you complete all of the tasks, you’ll get a
Banana Slushie for your pet to enjoy while they admire their NEW Tropical Troubles Trophy!

Sunday, February 24th is our next Deluxe Day!
If you’re a Deluxe Member, you’ll be able to play lots of bonus events on the Today’s Activities schedule!
And while you’re there, don’t forget to pick up your special prize: a Magic W Fountain!

If you’re a Deluxe Member, you know that you get a special bonus box each month.
Inside is a box of random Pet Medallions, a box that lets you choose any item from the Cozy Condo
theme, and a special piece of clothing that you can’t get anywhere else!
The Deluxe clothing item this month is a Curly Cute Wig!

A new monthly challenge arrives for Deluxe Members on March 1st!
Complete all of the tasks and you’ll get a Bag of Roasted Peanuts for your
pet to enjoy on their NEW Private Jet!

Our 2019 Leprechaun Clubhouse Event returns from Monday, March 11th until
St. Patrick’s Day on Sunday, March 17th! Collect Jelly Coins from the Leprechaun when he randomly appears
in the Clubhouse! Once you’ve collected all 6, you’ll unlock this year’s grand prize: a Clover Hill Hideaway!

To help streamline the log out process for future development, we have retired the Wacky logout carnival.
We would love for it to return at some point in the future as individual activities,
so you never know if you might see them again!

We’ve once again updated the prizes on several of our daily wheels!
See what you can win on the Wheel of Wow, the mobile Wheel of Wow,
the Wheel of Deluxe, and the Vacation Wheel!

I hope everyone found this helpful. Stay tuned to Webkinz Newz for all
the latest updates about how we’re making Webkinz World the best it can be!


Mayor of Kinzville

Webkinz Wheel Prizes Updated!

[Webkinz World] Webkinz Wheel Prizes Updated! by MommaBearLas
Webkinz Wheel Prizes Updated!
by webkinzworld

We’ve updated the prizes on the Wheel of Wow, Wheel of Deluxe and the Vacation Island Wheel!

Here’s a look at what you can win: Available on the Wheel of Wow (web) from Feb 13th – March 12th:

Available on the Wheel of Wow (mobile) from Feb 13th – March 12th:

Available on the Wheel of Deluxe from Feb 13th – March 12th:

Available on the Vacation Wheel from Feb 13th – March 12th:

Download the Webkinz mobile app to shop, decorate your pet’s rooms, play games, dress and feed your pets
on the go! Also, check out the Mobile Zone section of the W-Shop on Webkinz Mobile for items that you won’t
find anywhere else! The Webkinz Mobile app is now available for FREE at the App Store and the Google Play Store

SNEAK PEEK: Signature Collie!!

[eStore] SNEAK PEEK: Signature Collie!! by MommaBearLas
SNEAK PEEK: Signature Collie!!

This beautiful new Signature Webkinz Pet is part of the new Sophie's Rewards!
Stay Tuned for all the info Coming Soon!

The moment you see the Signature Collie, you'll want to fetch them at the Adoption Center so
that you can bring them home! This delightful dog is one hungry pup! Fortunately, they have
their own Country Café where they can get a delightful daily treat! When that's not enough,
you can always feed them their favorite snack: a Golden Ossilily!

2019 Lil Spring Unicorns

[eStore] 2019 Lil Spring Pets Revealed by MommaBearLas
SNEAK PEEK: Lil Spring Unicorns!

Springtime will seem even more magical when the Lil Spring Unicorns become a part of
your family of Webkinz pets! These magnificent mythological creatures can sometimes be a little shy,
so when they're looking for some privacy, have them head inside their Spring Carousel Cottages!
And when they want a sweet snack, serving them a Uni-Cone will really hit the spot!

What do you think of this years Spring Lil Kinz? We would love to know

Side views

SNEAK PEEK: Good Fortune Hedgehog!

[eStore]SNEAK PEEK: Good Fortune Hedgehog! by MommaBearLas
SNEAK PEEK: Good Fortune Hedgehog!

You're going to feel very lucky once you adopt the Good Fortune Hedgehog into your family!
This well-rounded critter enjoys a little primping and pampering, so before they start their day,
make sure they make a stop at their Wishful Emerald Vanity! And before they head out the door,
give them something sweet and simple for a snack, like their favorite: a Banana Breakfast Roll!

What luck! This new pet is adorable!

Player Appreciation Day-2/17/19

[Webkinz World]SNEAK PEEK: Player Appreciation Day-2/17/19 by MommaBearLas
SNEAK PEEK: Player Appreciation Day, Feb. 17, 2019
by Sophie Stockwell

This month’s Player Appreciation Day falls on February 17. That’s exactly one month before St. Patrick’s Day,
so I’ve invited Lucky the Leprechaun to help me show off the new Player Appreciation Gift –
a beautiful Clover Rug from Ganz eStore. The Clover Rug offers four different patterns
– rotate it in your pet’s room to see all four looks.

This item is not tradeable or sellable. If you would like to add it to your Webkinz account,
log in to (web only) on February 17 and visit Today’s Activities, which can be
found in the Things To Do menu. Then click to collect your gift.

And remember, you can find many more awesome St. Patrick’s themed items at Ganz eStore!

Printable Valentine’s Card With FREE Code!

[Webkinz Newz] Printable Valentine’s Card With FREE Code! by MommaBearLas
Printable Valentine’s Card With FREE Code!
by webkinzworld

Valentine’s Day is all about love and friendship and you are going to love this
card with a FREE Community Code you can share with your friends!

This year’s card features a code for a FREE Sweetheart Sink this Valentine’s Day!
This new item will go perfectly with the items from this year’s Valentine Collection Event.

The code expires on March 31, 2019 at midnight EST so be sure to tell
your friends to log into and claim it before then.

You and your friends can redeem this code by entering it at the Code Shop, which you can
find in the Things To Do menu on The code expires at midnight EST on March 31, 2019
and the prizes are limited to one per account.

Just print out your cards to hand out Webkinz this Valentine’s Day!
And don’t forget to add the codes to your own account while you’re at it!

(Link for printable version can be found on WKN)

February Deluxe Wednesday

Free Amethyst Wardrobe

[eStore] Free Amethyst Wardrobe by MommaBearLas
Free Amethyst Wardrobe
with 33,000 points

You And Me ??

[eStore] You And Me ?? by MommaBearLas
You And Me ??

You may randomly find any one of the below in the You and Me ?? Box!

• You and Me Piano
• You and Me Daybed
• You and Me Chair
• You and Me Rug
• You and Me Window
• You and Me Lamp

ALL items that can be found within the eStore You and Me ?? Box are Tradeable/Sellable in Webkinz World!

Sneak Peek: February 2019 Deluxe Challenge!

[Webkinz World] Sneak Peek: February 2019 Deluxe Challenge! by MommaBearLas
Sneak Peek: February 2019 Deluxe Challenge!
by webkinzworld

February’s Deluxe Challenge starts February 1st, and players who complete all 3 tasks will
win a Sweetheart Side Table, along with a NEW Sweet Stained Glass Window!

Make sure you give yourself enough time to complete your Deluxe Challenge as some tasks
may take some time to complete. This month’s tasks:

Spin the Wheel of Deluxe Wheel 7 Times

Earn 180 KinzCash playing Tile Towers in the Games Arcade

Win 3 games of Link’D at the Tournament Arena

Not a Deluxe Member?
Join before the end of February in order to play February’s Deluxe Challenge!

February Peek-A-Newz Sneak Peek

[Webkinz World] February Peek-A-Newz Sneak Peek by MommaBearLas
February Peek-A-Newz Sneak Peek
by Sally Webkinz

The Lovestruck Panda pet will be “peeking” around Webkinz Newz this February, and he’s
got a bunch of prizes you might win! From February 1 until February 28, head over to the
“Events” page and start the Peek-A-Newz activity. Find the Lovestruck Panda 5 times
around Webkinz Newz and you will win a 2019 WKN February Gift Box. Open it to receive
a random prize from the February Prize Pool.

Amethyst Glasses (NEW)
Amethyst Mosaic Tile
Be Mine Sneakers
Cat’s Pajama Party Pillow
Forest Tiled Counter (NEW)
Hailey Framed Poster
Heart Warming Wall Art
Lavender Love Letters
Love Chocolate
Love Topiary
Lovely Lavender Dining Chair
Lovely Lavender Wall Sconce
Lovely Mosaic Table
Pink and Blue Hoodie
Plumpy’s Engagement Bracelet
Pretty Pink Roses
Sweetheart Bed

February eStore


Webkinz Event Calendar – February 2019

[Webkinz World] Webkinz Event Calendar – February 2019 by MommaBearLas
Webkinz Event Calendar – February 2019
by webkinzworld

February is packed full of events in Webkinz World.
Check out the calendar below to find out what we have planned for the month:

What event are you looking forward to the most?
Let us know by leaving a comment below…

Design A Medallion Pet Winner Announced!

[Webkinz World] Design A Medallion Pet Winner Announced! by MommaBearLas
Design A Medallion Pet Winner Announced!
by webkinzworld

Thank you so much for all your great comments and feedback on the Medallion Pet finalists.
After much discussion, and taking your feedback into account, the Creative Team has
selected as our new Medallion Pet an animal that is completely new to Webkinz World.

We are excited to announce that the new Medallion Pet to be released in April will be…

Congratulations lolypop1412!
We can’t wait to see the Webkinz artists’ take on this adorable pet!

But this cute flightless bird still needs a PSI and PSF! What do you think
would make a good item and food for the Kiwi? Let us know in the comments.

Lolypop1412 and all of the finalists – look for a message at the email address
associated with your GanzWorld account by end of day, Monday, January 14, 2019.

Please note: due to technical issues we are experiencing, part of the prize has
been updated from 10 Any Pet Medallions to 10 random Pet Medallions.

FREE Berries During Berry Fest

[eStore]NEW Deals Of The Week by MommaBearLas
Deal Of The Day becomes Deals Of The Week!

Do you love a good bargain at the eStore?
Make sure to check here every Monday to see what is on sale for the week.

You can find the Deals of the Week here

Deals of the Week for 2/11-15


Be sure to check out our upcoming events!

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